Awake Too Late...

'Cause sometimes sleeping just doesn't work out ; )

Awake Too Late
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So..can't sleep you say? Stressfull thoughts plague-ing (I have no idea how to spell this) your head? The baby has woken up for the sixth time tonight and you're simply sick of even attempting to crawl back to bed? Just plain had too much coffee? Come talk with us.

This communitee is for those of us who sometimes find ourselves awake way too late and in need of a little company. Tell us why you're up. Or don't. Whatever. Start a conversation. Ask a question. Like I said...whatever.

I do ask that you don't make an asshole of yourself...don't pick on people.

Also, please don't make this the depressed insomniacs club. Not that I have anything against depressed insomniacs. But I made this communitee to try and keep your spirits up on those nights you just can't get any shut eye. If you are sad about something, feel free to share, but please, also post when you're happy or just bored or just have something amusing to say! All emotions are welcome, just make sure there's some variety, k? K.

Now have fun and give the sheep a night off (boo, hiss, baaaaad joke!)

; ) Off we go...!